Tuesday, April 20, 2010

design studio

I spend a lot of time in my design studio working. From time to time I like to daydream about what my studio would look like if I :
A) had the time to do it
B) had an unlimited budget {gotta dream big}
C) had the space ( I think that my room is about 12X14 - but feels like a 6x6)
Here are a few of my favorite inspiration rooms :

You can never go wrong with pottery barn - it makes me drool

I love these large storage tables in the middle of the room.

love the colors in this room and all the natural light

omgosh - could you imagine?

Dream big!

here are so swanky ideas for storage :

I could never keep it looking like this for long

more pottery barn (sigh)

This unit is from Ikea - I love the colors
and it's affordable (now we're talking!)

I am a huge fan of storage labeled bins

I am so using this as my inspiration for my designs studio closet

These are all so beautiful and so drool worthy . . . some day

{funny side note : my husband looked at the pic of the closet above and told me that the design studio closet looks like that but that I have to much "stuff" in there so I can't see it's true potential! hummmm, guess it's time to purge}

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