Friday, April 30, 2010


Hot pink





Hot Pink and White

This is one of our best sellers and it is currently being featured in the shop as a STEAL OF THE DAY.

With every Steal, quantities are limited and subject to end without notice. So don't wait . . . snag one or two for your self.

Hats and flowers can be mixed and matched upon request

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

look what I got

I just got the cutest pair of jeans today. They came in the mail. I bought them online. I love packages at my door. It makes me feel happy.

I also bought some really cute tanks, which I love for our California Summer's.

This one is cute, but not sure if I am gonna keep it. It requires a racer back bra which I would have to purchase and I hate bra shopping. It is worse than jean shopping. But it is cute and I love the beaded detail, so we will see

Love the petal detail on this one. So cute. You can dress it up or wear it casual. I bought it in turquoise, hot pink and black. I also love the length on this one. It looks and feels expensive, but it isn't! Gotta love that

This one is also a maybe. I like it and the cute rainbow stitching, but honestly it makes me look like I'm wearing a towel. Its very boxey. My husband likes it, so I may give it a try {?}

I love the lace on this. It makes it feel feminine and I can easily layer it under a tee when the weather cools. I bought this one in lime, hot pink and white.

I HEART these jeans, big time. I always have a problem finding jeans that don't gap in the back. The description reads "lining that slims and trims while giving your butt a boost" I was all for that, but still had reservations. So I ripped open the package and tried them on immediately. . . I was sold.

FINALLY a jean that fit my ample rear and waist without needing a belt. They are so flattering on. I think I can give my GAP curve jeans a much needed rest as I will be reaching for these as my new FAV jeans.

Incase you want to snag a pair for yourself, the name of the jean is DREAMERS. Personally I think they should have named them The Dream Jean :}
I am getting another pair, probably in a lighter wash.

Everything I bought came from Old Navy. I love Old Navy, but I have shyed away from shopping there lately. It seems that they are trying to cut cost by making cheaper quality clothes. I bought a bunch of their tee's last year and they were horrible. They didn't stand up to more than a few washes before loosing their shape. Big disappointment.

So now, before I buy ANYTHING from them, I read their online reviews. They are real women posting real reviews and I have found them helpful with all my purchases.

enjoy :}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sew crafty

I love boutique ruffle pants and decided to make some for my little one. I bought a pattern last year and tried unsuccessfully to make them for her. I decided to give t another go and this time that they actually turned out right and she will wear them (big plus)

so here they are . . .

ideally, they would have been a bit longer. I think I will add another ruffle for some extra length but the good news is that they fit.

I also made a halter dress and will post pics once the weather warms up

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo Love

I love everything about Peekaboo Photography! Their work is simply amazing. here are a few of my favorites for you to savor


sweet beyond words

want to see more of their fabulous work? click on the pic above

Friday, April 23, 2010

i'm in love

i love the lulu belle line of headbands
the flowers are not too big, and not too small
they are just right

this is the newest addition to the line
soft muted moss green and pink
so seriously S.W.E.E.T.

love love love it

click on the image to purchase it

I heart this

I recently purchased a necklace for myself, { okay, well it was last year, but still. } from The Vintage Pearl and I wear it almost everyday. It is so special to me because it represents my family. I chose 3 different shapes. Kaitlyn is a flower, Nicholas is a circle and Mark is a heart. Each shape represent something special.

Kaitlyn loves the necklace and has asked for one of her own ever since I got mine. So I purchased one for her as a birthday gift. I chose this one for her :

of course, it will say Kaitlyn and have her birthstone. {wink}
I am so excited to get it. I hope that she loves it.

Want to see all her stuff? click on the link below

happy shopping - tell her Baby K Designs sencha

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I want this

so I stumbled upon this cool site Shey B and immediately fell in love with this

Isn't is cute? I think it would make a cute Mother's day gift {hint, hint} i have a tute on how to make one, but who I am kidding? I barely have time to tie my shoes, let alone sew something.

This one is going on my Want's List

wordless wednesday

yes, I know it's Thursday . . . enjoy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

design studio

I spend a lot of time in my design studio working. From time to time I like to daydream about what my studio would look like if I :
A) had the time to do it
B) had an unlimited budget {gotta dream big}
C) had the space ( I think that my room is about 12X14 - but feels like a 6x6)
Here are a few of my favorite inspiration rooms :

You can never go wrong with pottery barn - it makes me drool

I love these large storage tables in the middle of the room.

love the colors in this room and all the natural light

omgosh - could you imagine?

Dream big!

here are so swanky ideas for storage :

I could never keep it looking like this for long

more pottery barn (sigh)

This unit is from Ikea - I love the colors
and it's affordable (now we're talking!)

I am a huge fan of storage labeled bins

I am so using this as my inspiration for my designs studio closet

These are all so beautiful and so drool worthy . . . some day

{funny side note : my husband looked at the pic of the closet above and told me that the design studio closet looks like that but that I have to much "stuff" in there so I can't see it's true potential! hummmm, guess it's time to purge}