Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look what's coming to Baby K Designs

Ridiculously Cute Feather Headband

I have to be honest, when I decided to make these feather headbands I thought they would be super cute for teens and super cool moms.
{Which they are!!!}

Then I decided to try it on my little Baby K! WOW - was I surprise how adorable this was on her!!

I thought for sure she would have this headband pulled off within seconds after getting some shots, but surprisingly she kept it on all day! I think she even forgot it was on.

That in itself is shocking as she doesn't care much for the whole headband thing! Although I think this new headband made all the difference. They are super soft and light weight. They are made of a nylon type material and come in a rainbow of colors. {SCORE}

She is my little Fashionista!!

These super cute headbands, along with several other new items will be added to the shop soon! So be sure to check back for more sneak peaks and maybe a give away!

So Simple. So Sweet. So Fabulous.

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