Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am so excited to add a new item to the Baby K Designs!!

Introducing Baby K Leg Warmers

These are so adorable - I couldn't wait to show them off. I wanted my little baby K to model them, but she is asleep.

They are incredibly cute and oh so cozy. I tried them on myself . . . no not on my legs, but on my arms! I have to say that I love them. I don't know what type of fashion statement I am making, but I think it is pretty darn cute and I would wear them out in public!!

So in honor of the launch of my latest obsession, I mean Baby K Leg Warmers, I am going to give away a pair!!!

It is easy to enter to win!

1. Leave me a comment telling me why you would like a pair - easy right?

2. If you link to this giveaway on your blog and leave me a link letting me know where I can find it, you will get TWO entries into the drawing.

3. This contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Please be sure I have an email or blog to contact you by otherwise I will have to draw an alternate winner.

4. This contest is open to U.S. and Canada Residents only.

5. Contest ends April 19th at midnight

Good Luck!

In addition, I would love to feature your sweet one wearing her new Baby K Leg Warmers so I can showcase her on my blog! I also encourage your to try them on yourself. You may just want to keep them for you!!(I haven't taken mine off, yet)

More designs will be added soon, so check back
Can't wait to try them? No problem, visit Baby K Designs online to purchase a set for yourself - warmers will be added soon


Shannon Miller said...

Hello!!! Your leg warmers are SO cute! plea, we have a daughter waiting for us in China who has an untreated heart defect. She will be close to two when we get her and will need open heart surgery not long after we get back. Put yourself in her shoes, new parents, new country and open heart surgery...don't you think her legs could use some loving!!!!!
Here's our blog:

Anonymous said...

V, I must say, they are quite attractive either on my daughter or my wife!! How cute!!!!

Unlucky Hopeful said...

AHHHHHHH!!! i totally want this product!!! AHHHH it makes me so excited these give aways!!!! i enter all of them but so far i havent won one yet...but i hope i win soon!!!AHHH!!! im so excited i hope i win this product!!!!AHHHH!!!i dont even have a baby but i want them anyway just so i can win something...but dont pay attention to that i really do want the product!!! AHHHH!!! its soooo cute!!! AHHHH!!! you are an artist!!! only angels hands could make such a garment for another little angel!!!! AHHHH!!!! please pick me!!!!

Unlucky Hopeful

PS~I hope i win!!!! AHHH!!!!

Unlucky Hopeful said...

PPS~I totally forgot in my excitement to give you a means of contacting me!!! AHHHH!!!! so ill give you my cell!!! Ready?!!!! AHHHH!!!! OK!!!! 707~344~8051

PPPS~I hope I win!!! Im so excited!!! AHHHH!!!!

Unlucky Hopeful

Courtney said...

Veronica, I ADORE the leg warmers!! They are wonderful!! I am not seeing them on your etsy sight though- are they up for sale yet? I would LOVE a pair for little Miss Lauren! She is starting to crawl and these would be wonderful for her tender little legs this spring/summer while she chases her brothers. :)
~Courtney (MyTwoBoys at etsy)

Christine said...

V, the leg warmers are adorable! I can just picture Alyssa wearing them (or maybe mommy!)

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Very cute!! I would love a pair of these for either of my girls. Also, click my name and go to my blog to see a picture of my K's wearing your designs. :) I will email them to you if you want, or you can just right click and save them to your computer.

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Actually, double click the picture first so it pops up big, and then right click and save to your computer :)

Mom of Mix Kids said...

So think how cute these would be worn with one of your tutus!!

Anonymous said...

I Love these Leg warms and would love a pair. I am sure my niece would look adorable in these and her hair bows!

Susan said...

These are darling! My little girl is a crawling machine, and needs some protection for her knees... I love them!

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest little baby legs I have seen! I would be delighted to win there for my precious girl

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really would love a pair of these for my little one. I think they would be perfect for Spring.
Thank you for considering me

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try a pair of these baby crawlers for my newborn. They look really sweet
Thank you

melissa said...

me want some...

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I received my newborn baby hats I contemplated asking my daughter if she could ask for a c-section just so I can get the baby out and see her in her new hats! Decided that was too bizarre and will wait patiently... Cannot wait to get more "stuff" for this baby!