Monday, May 3, 2010

Must have's

I am a makeup junkie - there I said it!!

I love all makeup, hair products and all things to make us beautiful! In all honesty, I am not a girlie girl, but I do love trying new goodies. When I go to Sephora I feel giddy. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. All the pretty colors - it's intoxicating

Here a few of my current favorite makeup goodies

oh my goodness! i love this product! It's Sephora Buildable Coverage Concealer and doesn't settle in fine lines. I stay up late most nights, so dark circles are something I deal with all the time and for me, this covers them flawlessly! I wouldn't want to go without it! It is one of the best I've tried and it is budget friendly!

This one was a bit of a splurge for me because not only I am a junkie, I am frugal. It is Smashbox Hydrating Perfecting Powder and brush set. It claimed to decrease the appearance of wrinkles - who wouldn't want to try it. I tried it and love it. The coverage is fantastic and it doesn't cake like some other minerals. {which I use, too} It gives an airbrushed look but does not look or feel heavy. My only problem is, NO SPF - so be sure to use a moisturizer with one in it. This one is worth the money.

so here is the other mineral makeup that I use. I have been using this 'foundation' for 10 years. I love it, too. This one is Bare Escentuals.

bBare Escentuals mineral veil is fan-freakin-tabulous! It is like airbrush in a container. It is a finishing product and you can use it through out the day. I have one in the car, my purse and each bathroom. You just never know when you will need a little touch us.

I have oily skin and liner is something I have a problem with. It seems that I can apply it in the morning and within a few hours later it is under my eyes {so I have a wonderful raccoon look} or it is on my eye lids - which is also an undesirable look. I recently found Sephora Waterproof Liner.
It offers budge resistance color and let me tell you - IT WORKS! I can apply it in the morning and in the evening it is still there! It isn't hard to remove either. Just soap and water. This is the BEST I have ever tried and it's inexpensive. Gotta love that!

For blush I love Bare Escentuals. One of the reasons I love using minerals is because it allows you freedom to mix and create your own colors. You can add mineral veil to your blush to tone it down. You can dip your lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss into a blush or shadow to create one of a kind colors. The possibilities are endless. I like that! AND they last FOREVER!

For mascara I have two picks. The first is Smashbox Lash DNA and I use this one when I want a dramatic eye. It is rich and thick and gives volume plus length. Great for evening or when you really want to draw attention to your eyes.

For everyday I love Neutrogena healthy Volume Mascara. This mascara works great! gives me beautiful volume without the clumps. The brush is nice and big and covers in one applications. I add a second or third for a more dramatic look. Plus it is budget friendly!

Be back soon with more of my faves!

Got your own faves that you want to tell me about?
Please post a comment. I am always up for trying something new

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