Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Limited Edition Red Velvet Flower Hat

This adorable Deep Red Velvet Daisy with cozy black crochet hat is one of my newest designs for Fall and Winter.

It can be made for infants, using a soft stretch cotton knit hat or for toddlers and your girls using the cozy crochet beanie. Simply adorable for Big Sister and Little Sister! The perfect holiday portrait hat!

To view more details or to purchase these hats, simply click on the pics above.


Marisa Olsen said...

Love, love, love the new photos, especially the black and white! And the picture of "Baby K" is a great one!!!

Marisa Olsen said...

black and white tutu one...that is! didn't see allthe new stuff on the side. everything looks great!!

VERONICA said...

Thanks Marisa - I finally had a chance to work on it today!

TrueBlissPhotography said...

Too cute!